Choir Startup

Hi All,

Choir starts in the first week of september for both choirs. Fernie will be starting off at full steam with a big list of repertoire for our Oct 20th concert, Oktoberfest. This concert will be a fundraiser for our Banff Trip in April of 2018. 
We also welcome Dinah Helgeson Nov 3,4 after she works with the cranbrook choir on Nov 2. 

Cranbrook will be starting off with a selection of music for fall/winter, preparing for a Christmas Concert. I look forward to starting up after such a successful beginning. Dinah Helgeson will work with us on Nov 2. She is a wonderful treat to work with, she will help us all get better as singers and artists. 

Both choirs are starting a little earlier this fall, so the session is a little longer, which means more singing! Bring out your friends!